Sunday, 15 May 2011

These are some initial readers' comments following publication:

 I'm about two thirds of the way through "The Ambivalent Vestibule" and I'm really enjoying it. I love your writing style it keeps me enthralled and amused at the same time. I was spell bound... I couldn't put it down. Honestly, I really found it so well written and so exciting that I was devouring it was an excellent and such a spellbinding story. I have nothing but praise.... it truly is amazing. Also, it was lovely to enjoy the humour - it somehow flowed between the story, the serious aspects and the humour. Brilliant combination. You write extremely well and I love the mix of the droll humour and action packed story..... You crafted the characters so well that they were hugely plausible and one got to like them, especially Luke and his wife. Also, honestly I am not one to take to a sort of science fiction story i.e. the time-travelling but you did it so well that I was completely hooked. I have to say I am impressed - what a lot of work has gone into it and what an imagination you have! I am not a fan of time travel stories (have never even seen one Dr Who episode!!) so I was originally convinced I would not stay the course and finish it - especially as it is very long.) However I was pleasantly surprised - you have an amazing ability to describe situations and scenarios and I found after I had got into the first few chapters my curiosity was aroused and when I put the book down I was keen to start reading it again to see what was going to happen, especially as regards Jessica and Luke.